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August 12, 2012 / the speech monster

Twitter mania

As a pretty heavy user of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and What’sapp, I can’t believe it took me *this* long to fully get on the Twitter bandwagon. I guess it was only recently that I decided to engage social media more intensively  for my profession. It started on Facebook, where I was following a few SLP-related organizations/bloggers/prolific people such as Playonwords, ASHA,  Autism: In our own words, etc., and discovering a whole world of links to valuable resources.

Enlightened, I decided to really make a concerted effort to connect with other SLPs, and better yet, those who are Australia-based. From there, I re-discovered Twitter and, after poking around it a bit more, found so many useful and interesting conversations people were having especially on #SLPeeps and #SLPchat.

In the last few days, I also learned how to properly use #hashtags in my Twitter chats, thanks to a detailed introduction to hastag post by LexicalLinguist. Also in a mere few days, I’ve already downloaded a couple handouts or found resources that were of use to my work through the folks on Twitter.

I’m not sure how effectively I can use Twitter to promote this website but truthfully, I’m not sure how much ‘promoting’ I’d want to do. There are so many SLP-blogs out there full of amazing information, my humble little site can’t compete nor does it want to, really.

As written in my “About” page, my motive for blogging and putting myself out here professionally on social media is to read, offer some Australia-related perspective on this profession, and be linked to more Victoria (Australia)-based or Australian-based SLPs/related and interested professionals/interested parents. Hopefully, Twitter will be a bridge to help get me there.

Are you on Twitter? Connect with me: @originalcherbie.

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