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August 13, 2012 / the speech monster

The Book Whisperer

I wrote this post awhile back and thought I’d share it here as well.

 A book about teaching a child to love to read books?!

That‘s right, this is a book about a passionate American grade (primary) school teacher‘s quest to imbue the love of reading with her students. Donalyn Miller does not trick others into thinking this exercise is a walk in the park: she shares in her book the myri- ad of strategies she has tried which include successes, as well as failures. Throughout the book, the author‘s zeal for reading and teaching rings through, and almost inspires you to round up a group of children immediately, to impart some of that fervour to them using her strategies.

Miller’s methods have reportedly proved successful: her students will ask to be photographed for class pictures with their favorite book, and every one of them received a 100% passing rate on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills. Apparently, they have also improved in comprehension, writing, and whole heap of other skills.

Suggestions related to classroom library set up, to questionnaire development to determine the student‘s read- ing styles and interests, as well as books that her own students have liked, are all included in this book.

I thoroughly enjoyed this inspiring book and highly recommend it to every educator and parent trying to devel- op lifelong lovers of reading.

As Miller writes ―Reading is the inhale and writing is the exhale,‖ building those strong links between oral lan- guage, reading, and eventually writing, by fostering a love for literacy may help create better pathways and greater opportunities for our students.

To purchase it in Australia, visit and search “The Book Whisperer.” Donalyn Miller also has interesting reads and resources on her website:

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts?

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