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August 20, 2012 / the speech monster

Monday madness

How was your weekend? Ours was a little crazy with the little guy, Baby B, going through his 15th day of 8++ month sleep regression, waking up once every couple hours screaming for a cuddle. We are soo sleep deprived around here but thankfully still able to somewhat function…mostly on adrenaline.

Here’s this week’s Monday Madness therapy ideas post on teaching prepositions.

Prepositions or position words can be kinda hard to teach on paper, in a 2-dimensional space. So I thought of using stick puppets to teach them instead. And because I want these puppets to stand while emphasizing these words, I repurposed a cardboard snack box for these puppets to rest. (Aside: if you’re in Australia and are near an Aldi, check out these BBQ flavored rice crackers from Damora. AMAZING.)


Take a rice cracker box (or any box)


Wrap it up in paper


Use a cutting knife and carve up some lines on the box. Make sure the lines are just big enough for the sticks to push through. Don’t make the lines too wide as the sticks might slant too far front or back.

What a great visual for teaching words like infront, behind, beside, between. You can also use a piece of string to teach the word around (wrapping the string around the dinosaur). And also use another light object to demonstrate the word above.

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