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August 23, 2012 / the speech monster

Colored counters

When working with kids with speech and language difficulties, the number one thing every professional ought to know is to use lots of visuals to further illustrate a point.

That’s why I absolutely love these magnetic colored counters from Super Duper, and I think it’s another staple resource in every SLP’s bag. Besides using them on reinforcement boards, I use them a lot when teaching phonological awareness. It’s great to use these counters to show the kids the different sounds present in a word, especially when working out sounds in blends (e.g., s-l-i-p). It also works well with explaining rhymes to kids as shown in the boar below.

Of course, the highlight of the session is when the kids get to sweep up all the counters with the magnetic wand.

A win – win resource!



Speaking of visually pleasing colorful resources, I’ve also been meaning to try these fun syllable counting rainbows/clouds from So simple and looks great! I could also use them for working on counting sounds in words, and it looks like an activity simple enough to send home for parents to work on with their kids, too.


What other fun resource do you use to teach phonological awareness? 


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