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September 19, 2012 / the speech monster

The yum yums end of term activity

I try to end every school term with a bang. Often, that involves some kind of food because kids love treats!

Today’s was chocolate chip cookies, and, yes, the kids were thrilled to a) do a special activity and b) get to indulge in a sweet treat.

Since my son was diagnosed with eczema a few months back and we suspect wheat and dairy trigger his condition, I have grown increasingly aware of allergies and food sensitivities in other children. So whenever I have food type activities, I make sure parents and teachers are informed of what is in the food and for children with a food allergy history, I always make the children take the food home and ask their parents for permission first before eating them. That way they can still be involved in the activity.

Also with so many allergies prevalent in kids these days, mine included, I decided on a recipe that was gluten, nut, and dairy free. BUT I forgot that kids also tend to have egg allergy and surely enough one of my kids has a mild egg allergy! Grr.

Anyway, food allergies aside, I was able to adapt this activity for almost all my speech kids. For kids working on…

– memory and recall, I gave a list of the ingredients found in the cookie, and then asked them to try to recall a certain number (depending on their abilities).

– vocabulary and describing: The kids were supposed to use the vocabulary describing cue chart to talk more about the chocolate chip cookie – what size is it? What shape is it? Etc. For the older kids, I drew out a quick graphic organizer to help the kids talk about and remember the descriptions used on the cookies.

– sequencing: Visuals were used to show the steps involved in making the cookies. Then, depending on their ability, the students were supposed to sequence the pictures and then talk through the steps using language.

If I had more time and my own speech room, it would have been great to do a hands on baking activity where kids physically get to make their own cookies. But alas, no such luck yet!

Overall, the kids had a lot of fun learning. And that’s what it’s all about.

Ingredients list and sequencing visual



Here is the Boardmaker file if anyone is interested in running a similar activity for your speech therapy kiddos. Of course, if you use a different recipe – which you most likely will – change the ingredients list.

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