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September 28, 2012 / the speech monster

Must Have Resources for Phonological Awareness

Here are some of my favorite phonological awareness (PA) resources:

Say & Glue Phonological Awareness Fun Sheets by Super Duper Publications

I don’t know if there’s a SuperDuper Inc resource I haven’t liked!  This one is great because there are a whole heap of fun paper, scissors, and glue type activities for home programs that parents or teachers can complete at home with the kids. The sections covered include rhyme, initial/final sound identification, sound blending, basic letter sound identification. Great for the little ones when working on very basic phonological awareness skills.

Phonological Fun: The Fun Book, Sounds & Vowels, & Literacy Plus, all three by Susan Galletly


These three books don’t seem to be as heavily marketed as they should be. Whilst other more popular phonological awareness resources are great, a lot of them cater to preps and first graders. Often, I get an onslaught of phono awareness or literacy intervention referrals from 3rd and 4th grade teachers who realize their students who were once “borderline” readers suddenly cannot spell as well as they should be. And after doing a PA test, we find out that their auditory discrimination or PA skills are actually extremely low, and the resources targeted at younger kids no longer appeal to this group of older kids in dire need of intervention.

Which is why I really like Susan Galletly’s books: the illustrations and games are more geared toward the older kids, and there are a lot of practice sheets targeting phonemic awareness of not just consonants but also vowel sounds. For instance, the Vowel Tap chart to the far right, that trains the kids to listen out for the differences in all the short vowels. (Tip: kids frequently seem to mix up the e and a sounds!)

The books are quite pricey, but very worth it. There is also a lot of information on reading/teaching phonological awareness for parents and teachers so both the child and adult helper learn at the same time!

A Sound Way 2nd Ed by Elizabeth Love & Sue Reilly

Two of Australia’s favorite speechies cum special ed educators, Elizabeth Love and Sue Reilly, have put together the 2nd ed of one of the most popular PA resource books with teachers and speechies. The book has a whole array of different fun and engaging PA activities for the whole class or small group.

Dr Seuss Books

Who can resist Dr Seuss’s silly and funny stories with tons of rhymes? Most definitely not the little kids and not me! I enjoy reading the stories to the kids and have them pick out rhymes. Also a great reinforcer of the skill. 

I’ve been enjoying making resources using this program. One of the unique functions is called “Sound Finder.” Type in a word and the program churns out rhyming words and corresponding pictures. Then you can go on to create game materials such as bingo boards, dice, word spinners. Only for USD$3/month. If there’s a picture you would like and can’t find, just send the customer support an email and they will try their best to make one up for you; turnaround time is pretty quick! Like Boardmaker, you can also import your own pictures into the program to create materials. Check out

What are your favorite phonological awareness resources or activities?

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