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October 6, 2012 / the speech monster

Time for pizza!


Growing up, one of my favorite foods was the good ol’ pizza, so naturally, I was very excited when I found this song. As the song details the ingredients that go into a certain type of pizza, the SLP wheels in my head started turning! I thought it would be great to incorporat it into a lesson plan targeting sequencing, memory, and vocabulary.

  • First, I let the children watch the video and then sing the song together.
  • Then, as a group, we would brainstorm the ingredients in the song in the same order.
  • Thereafter, the kids will each get an individual pizza and talk about and describe the kind of ingredients they would want on their pizza: what these ingredients look, smell, and taste like? Where can we find them? Etc.
  • Finally, I’ll have the kids put on the pizza toppings on their pizza!

Variation: Following instructions –

The teacher tells the students what toppings to put on their pizza either one at a time or if the kids are higher functioning/older, two or more at a time; and have them follow in the same order.

The kids give each other instructions.

Here are some materials you might like to download for this lesson plan. You’ll need paper, laminating pouches, a laminator, some velcro to stick the toppings on the pizza, and a color printer


I am a pizza lyrics

And for the picture of a pizza, I used Google Images to find the pizza and then imported it into word, resized, and then printed it out in color.

Bon Appetit!

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