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April 5, 2014 / the speech monster

Still here!

A big hello! Especially to those who do stumble upon my page and are wondering if I’m still around in the blogging world. I’m very much here, even though I haven’t posted anything new in the last 10 months. Like so many people, I have been trying to balance everything on my plate and as a result, this blog has had to take a backseat for awhile. I do miss blogging, specifically, writing down my reflections and sharing resources.

Despite my absence, I am amazed that some people still find my blog and some of the posts here have apparently inspired people to look deeper into the profession, try a different resource, or think about volunteering their skills to help others. Thank you so much for reading and taking time to comment or write me to tell me about it.

I am hoping to start blogging regularly again in the next few months, as I go on maternity leave again for the second time. We are so looking forward to meeting our new little baby.

There are also exciting things happening in my little speechie world and hope to share them soon.



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  1. David Steinberg / May 7 2014 3:45 pm

    Hello, we are adoptive parents of little gal (3 yrs old) from China who just had her palate reapired. She did not have cleft lip but just palate. She started speech therapy through school services prior to her surgery but is on hold while she heals. . Are there any tools, apps, or other things you’d recommend? She struggles with S, L, B, and though sometimes can make some of the sounds seems to easily fall back on old habits. You are probably the perfect resource for us! We do work with her at home but it seems daunting. We know she is so young plus still learning but want to give her every possible resource to succeed.

    • the speech monster / May 29 2014 10:45 am

      Hello, I’m sorry for the delayed response. There are some really great sites you can check out that contain information on speech sound treatments (with free resources) if you haven’t already:

      Of course your best bet is to consult a qualified SLP. There would’ve been one on the post-surgery rehab team who could give you advice on what specific exercises – if any – to do while she heals? I don’t know where you guys are located geographically but sense that she probably already speaks some Mandarin pre-adoption but is now exposed to primarily English? If so it may be worth trying to locate an SLP who understands Mandarin phonology to pick specific sounds for her to practice in addition to English ones. There is also some literature out there re: language development of adopted children that you may like to read up on (again, if you haven’t already!).


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