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May 29, 2014 / the speech monster

You Make The Difference/幫助孩子學習-您的重要性!

I love the Hanen. I attended the It Takes Two To Talk (ITTT) training last year and thought it was the best continuing ed/professional development I had ever attended. All the Hanen resources available online are so practical and well-written.

My love affair with the organization deepened when someone shared with me recently that a parent resource published by them very early on (circa 1995), titled “You Make The Difference” by Manolson, Ward & Dodington had been translated into Mandarin (and French, Dutch, Spanish, AND adapted for the Native American culture). (Thanks, J!) The book has been really useful especially since I was doing the ITTT training with a Mandarin speaking client’s parents recently (which doesn’t have official Mandarin translated documents), and was able to give them some written resources in their native language (rather than me translating them). The book provides parents with some very simple strategies to “tune in” to their children’s communication, and ways they can follow their child’s lead: simply, all the good ol’ Hanen stuff!

The book is very affordable and therefore parents can also purchase them as an additional resource to other English Hanen books (if parents are able to read both languages). If you’re a parent who is Mandarin speaking and has a young child with a language delay, I highly recommend this book. If you’re in Australia, you can purchase it from Dart Products (AUD21.00).


Speechies, what other Mandarin resources do you have? I would so love to hear about them.


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