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Information for parents/educators

Here are links and handouts that might be useful to parents and teachers of children with speech and language difficulties. There is also a section on bilingual/multilingual resources.

This is a working list so do check back periodically for new resources and links.


For infants and toddlers: 

Ways to facilitate Infant communication.

Great excerpt of stimulation activities for babies and toddlers from birth to 2 years old. Taken from Owen, R. E. (2004) “Help your baby talk.”

Language Milestones Birth – 5 years old. Links from the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA).

For elementary school-age children:



Bilingual Resources: 

Link to Mandarin-speaking children speech acquisition norms.

On-the-go resources for pre-school children in various languages, from Somali to Vietnamese to Spanish.



Funding for speech-language pathology services in Australia: 

Information about Medicare rebates under the Better Start program on SpecialistLink.

Information about Medicare rebates under the Autism program on SpecialistLink.


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